Historic Origins

Created in 1974 by James M. Tanner and Frank Falkner, the International Society for the Study of Human Growth and Clinical Auxology (ISGA) is a scientific, multidisciplinary society devoted to the study of human growth. ISGA prioritizes the refinement and invention of clinical methods and techniques for the effective diagnosis, treatment and where appropriate, prevention of growth disorders.


Devoted Scholars

ISGA consists of a learned community of scientists interested in elucidating the biological, psychological, and social foundations of human growth and development. ISGA sustains a holistic approach, housing into its boundaries, lines of research as diverse as molecular biology, endocrinology, nutrition, statistics, economics, anthropology and public health.


Bold Vision

ISGA has one primary aim: to be an agent in the achievement of unhindered growth and development for all people from conception to adulthood. Our advancement and dissemination of knowledge, as well as our triannual congresses, are the practical expression of our global impact.